Messages From Partners

Excerpts from messages in celebration of CMSP's 30th Anniversary


I remember that at the beginning of everything we searched for a good team and the right location to start our important work to help children-our next generation.

God was so graceful over the years and today we can proudly say that we have a great team, good leadership, and also the right location. He was and still our lamp, He was and still our light. Personally, I am touched, that all this time from the beginning until now we have been blessed so greatly from our Great God.

Thinking back to the start of CMSP was very difficult. It was not easy to find the right people who were willing to work with us with our dream: Helping children with natural bread for their body and bread from heaven for the soul. There were many big stones on our way but God’s light gave us the wisdom to find solutions for the needs we had if we just put our trust in Him.


Looking back, God was helpful all the time.

Rev. Markus Vogel (2016-2020)
Kinderhilfswerk Christlicher MissionsDienst


I remember my first visit from India to the Philippines when I was taken to a slum to visit the first Day Care Center built as a hut on wooden posts as water has swamped this area.

Since then CMSP has gone from a humble beginning to a long way in operating a beautiful Children’s Village and many nice Day Care Centers. I am really impressed by the development of CMSP.

Through God’s grace and the good leadership, this Mission has been a home and support to many needy children, who have settled in their lives as good Christians and responsible citizens of the nation.

Dr. Horst Kowski
Vice Chairman
CMD Germany
CMS India


“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in him”. Psalm 34:8

Every day our own problems come to the fore and drive us. We easily get into a rush, trying to keep up,  to do everything well, to make things work. God`s  basic idea is: it should go well with us because we are not alone.” There is our Creator who has good thoughts for us, who sends us one another.

Whoever has more strength than he needs, may give support. Whoever needs support, may receive it. Indeed it is not only good to receive but even better to give. Just like in the work of the CMSP, people are found who carry on the work again and again. We are connected with each other for more than 30 years now.

It is good that we can be a link together in the chain. CMD-CMSP relationship is blessed!

Sabine Eller (2020-Present)

VonDerLeyen Family

Providing help where it is most needed, giving hope where there is none, smoothing the path where the road is rough: those are the maxims that the CMSP lives by, giving countless boys and girls a feeling of security day after day and hope for a self-determined future. More than that, they also find new orientation for their lives, new perspectives, as well as renewed confidence in themselves, This is because they come to know that someone is always looking after them. Supporting them with cheerful empathy and unshakeable faith. They are offered the caring advice found in a beautiful saying from the Philippines “Lift up your eyes and you will see the stars”.

For seven years now, we’ve been following CMSP’s activities and its endeavors to support and prepare children for a more prosperous and fulfilled future. It is an honor to witness so many children– who overtime became our dear friends– grow up in such a caring environment as CMSP.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all staff members, sponsors, and donors for their timeless dedication. 30 years of CMSP are synonymous with 30 years of charity, humanity, and exemplary engagement for the weakest in our societies. We look forward to many more years of a shared dedication to this wonderful commitment.

Ursula Von Der Leyen & Family
President of European Commission

Ayala Corporation

The service that CMSP provides to empower marginalized children through programs that promote holistic development has truly inspired many, including ourselves in the Ayala group.

CMSP’s mission is very much aligned with our own value creation philosophy in the Ayala group. We value the meaningful partnership that we have established with you, particularly in providing the necessary resources to uplift the quality of life of the children.

Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala
Chairman and CEO
Ayala Corporation

Asian Pacific Children's Fund

Hello– I am Don Macalvany, founder and Chairman of the Asian Pacific Children’s Fund. We work with 10 Asian children’s homes scattered across five countries in Asia. CMSP is one  of the best homes we work with. We were first introduced to this home less than three years ago and were very impressed with the leadership, the facilities, and the children. This home has great staff, are very well organized, and have created a beautiful family  atmosphere of love and caring for the these children. You learn much about a children’s home by the look in the children’s eyes and faces, and these are happy, well cared for children. The CMSP staff are working really hard to give these children (many of whom have come from very difficult backgrounds) a life, a great education, great love and a future. APCF is proud and privileged to partner with CMSP, its children and staff in helping to give these children a great life and future.

Don & Molly McAlvany
Asian Pacific Children's Fund

Para Sa Iyo

Your everlasting love and passion to improve the lives of the children have inspired us to help provide for their higher education. Since we came to know CMSP in 2000, over 100 members joined Parasaiyo, which made us grow as persons through the years we spent together. It is an honor for us to have made friends and family! Our sincere desire to help make lives better, always thinking of you from afar.

Masaro KITTA and Kaoru SATO

Plus One

The friendship between our members and CMSP began in 2000, when Plus One was yet to be found. We later, in 2003, organized as Club Oneness then as Plus One. Our financial support and annual visits have continued for many years. Now, we just love “coming home” to the smiles of the children and staff at CMSP and look forward to visiting every year and for many more years to come. We pray for the happiness of all the children, staff, and everyone whose lives CMSP has touched throughout the years.

Masaru Ono & Hiroyuki Seino
Plus One

Consuelo Foundation

It is our privilege at Consuelo Foundation to be working alongside you in uplifting our country’s abused, neglected, and exploited children and youth. Together we are able to strengthen our advocacies and interventions for the most vulnerable sector of our society. May you continue to indeed soar higher and grow stronger as committed advocates for child protection. It is because of partners like you that we remain hopeful that the safe and violence-free future that we envision for our Filipino children will not just be a distant dream, but an attainable and vivid reality.

Atty. Carmela Andal-Castro
Managing Director
Consuelo Zobel Alger Foundation

Ayala Foundation

We have partnered with CMSP since 2013 and are delighted to see how you have taken good care of almost 700 children and youth in the children’s village in three other sites through your programs, you continue to develop their talents and build their character. With these children under your care, we believe that they will be given the proper support needed to fulfill their dreams.

We share in your passion for providing holistic formation and a solid foundation for these children. We are one with you in your commitment to empower and inspire young minds as they weave their future. We are privileged to be your partner as you continue your work.

Ruel T. Maranan
Ayala Foundation

Mayor Jun Dualan

The Christian Mission Service Philippines has always been close to my heart. I firmly believe in its mission in providing caring services to the needy children. We are glad to have CMSP Children’s Village in our beloved Municipality here in Naic, Cavite!

Mayor Jun Dualan
Mayor of Naic, Cavite