A Testimony of God’s Goodness and Blessing

Jenelyn Mangada is 23 years old. She is the fourth among nine siblings. Her father died when she is 3 years old. The mother has no work at that time and no means to raise her nine children. So she opted to bring her 3 children under the care of Christian Mission Service Phils. (CMSP). The mother was so grateful to CMSP for accepting her 3 children. Jenelyn is from Cagayan, a province located in northeastern Luzon. She came to CMSP in April 15, 1997 and stayed for fourteen (14) years, together with her brother and sister.

During her stay at the Children’s Home in Naic, she was observed to be a courteous, helpful and caring young girl especially to the little children in the house where they stayed. She actively participated in various programs and special activities held in the children’s home such as tambourine dance group and children’s choir. She became the president of Praise Team and was also elected as the chairman of the Children’s Council.

Jenelyn graduated from her vocational course, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) last April 2011 in AMG-ASHTEC in San Miguel, Bulacan. She was so happy to successfully finish her course and is thankful to the Lord Jesus and her sponsor from CMD for the opportunity given to her.

Jenelyn is currently working at IBM Office in Commonwealth as a Customer Service Specialist. She is happy to experience working in a stable company as a regular employee and hopes to stay on for many years. Right now, she is able to extend occasional help to her younger sister who is still under CMSP support and now in third year college taking up BSED major in Pre-school in Manila. Her brother has graduated last year with a course on Electronics and Computer Technology (ECT) and is also recently accepted at IBM Office in Makati as Customer Service Representative with the help of Jenelyn.

Jenelyn Mangada bears testimony to the power of Jesus Christ to change her life and shares her wonderful experience of God’s goodness and blessings with the loving support and prayers from CMD and CMSP.