PARASAIYO with CMSP: 20 Years

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20 Years

August 30, 2020

Twenty years ago, a group of young Japanese students visited the Children’s Alternative Home of CMSP in Naic, Cavite as a part of cultural and English language learning program. We met with the children and the dedicated leaders of CMSP, spent 2 days of singing and playing together, and said a good-bye. It was one fun-filled weekend, however our hearts felt heavy as we returned home, realizing that the children had no chance to study further, whereas we had all the opportunities we needed in life. We were just young students with no superior power, but couldn’t help thinking if we could do something about it.

Ever since then, we have visited the Children’s Village every summer and have seen the children grow to become productive members of the society. Family and friends joined and others tagged along their children, the Parakids. In our 20 th year, although we could not travel due to the pandemic, we organized a “virtual tour” and connected with the CMSP leaders and the children online to carry out our annual meeting and various programs for children. We might be physically apart but our hearts stay together!

Our partnership begun by chance—we did not exchange engagement rings 20 years ago when it all started. Yet, through the very special partnership with CMSP, we learned how to build a strong team, raise funds, and love and trust someone like they are your true family. Because of CMSP, PARASAIYO grew stronger. Commitment of the CMSP leaders for children and the growth of the children are giving us the power to keep on our supporting activities for the children. Now led by the next generation of
younger leaders, we will continue to be their best friends and loving families for the years to come!

Parasaiyo Leaders

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September 24, 2020

A visit to all the centers, the General Membership Meeting held on February 22, 2020, followed by the children’s games, presentation, and the thanksgiving worship service were how we celebrated CMSP’s 31st Anniversary.


CMD at 60: Compassionate Commitment

January 31, 2020

Four years later, I was privileged to accept the invitation to lead the institution that would touch the lives of Filipino children, knowing full well that I had a partner in German friends who shared the same passion, commitment, and love for those who need them most.


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