CMSP Brings Relief Aid in Bohol

link to galleryCMSP recently conducted a relief mission in a remote village of Barangay Bonifacio in the cool interior upland town of Bilar, Bohol. It was one of the many towns and villages that were severely damaged by the strong earthquake that struck the island of Bohol in October 15 last year. Led by CMSP’s Pastor Keith, a small team of local volunteers was organized and started with the procurement and packing of food items intended for 80 families who were victims of the powerful tremor that included many children in the community. Their houses were identified by the local government as either partially damaged or totally destroyed when landslides and huge boulders of rocks came rolling down from the mountains during the earthquake. They are still living in makeshift tents or temporary shelters (often called a ‘tent city’) for fear of strong ‘aftershocks’ that are still felt and continue to haunt the people there.

To this day, they have not yet fully recovered from their traumatic experiences. Their means of livelihood were disrupted and many children were not able to return to school. A family of four, which included 3 children, was instantly killed when their small bamboo house was rolled over and flattened by a huge boulder from the mountain. The husband had just left the house to go to work. He was so distraught and devastated by the shocking news that his entire family had died from the earthquake. He has nowhere else to go and is one of those still living in the ‘tent city’ there.

The relief mission was coordinated with the Office of the Mayor of Bilar which provided the much-needed support of its volunteers and transport needs to the area as its counterpart. An ocular visit of the village was also conducted. During the meeting, a brief introduction was given by the town’s Mayor, Hon. Norman D. Palacio. Pastor Keith expressed the hopes and prayers of CMSP and CMD for the earthquake victims with the distribution of relief food packs as gifts of God’s love and blessings. It was noteworthy that the people and children responded positively with their sincere gratitude to God through CMSP. Pastor Keith noted that the people of Barangay Bonifacio were so happy and grateful for CMSP, especially at this time when most relief aid has already shifted to Leyte and Samar. Many of them thought that they have been forgotten or abandoned by God. But the bigger task of rehabilitation and rebuilding is currently hampered by lack of funds.

In another distant village of Barangay Dagohoy, also in Bilar, village leaders representing about 220 families and earthquake victims are also appealing for help and relief assistance from CMSP. The people there are also staying in makeshift tents because their houses were destroyed by the earthquake. They are also hoping for a CMSP relief mission to come to their village.

We praise and thank the Lord for the support of CMD, concerned individuals and mission friends, and the local government of Bilar, Bohol for the opportunity to share the joy and hope in God’s presence among the earthquake victims in the community. Let us uphold them in our prayers. GLORY TO GOD!