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In His Time

July 15, 2020

I was five years old when I was brought to the CMSP children’s village by my mother, a single mom who could barely make ends meet, let alone provide for the education of me and my siblings. CMSP was my home from 1999 until 2010, just before I started my college education.

One of the greatest blessings that I received in my life is the opportunity to study. Pursuing a college education became possible for me because of CMSP and its partnership with its sponsors. Among its sponsors since the early 2000s are Para Sa Iyo and Plus One. Both groups are composed of
students and professionals from Japan. Every year, they visit CMSP to spend quality time with us: play, dance and sing with us, communicate with us about our dreams and passions, motivating us to believe in ourselves and in our capabilities. I was inspired by their big love and concern for the children of CMSP. They also became one of the reasons why I was not afraid to dream and believe that I can achieve my dreams if I worked hard for them. And by 2015, I was able to achieve one of my dreams as I finished my
bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness Management from the University of the Philippines, thanks to the support of CMSP and its sponsors.

Five years ago, I was able to visit Japan to represent CMSP in PARACUP 2015. I can still remember the warm welcome and the hospitality that the Japanese friends gave us. It felt like home. Because of that visit, I had the desire to come back to Japan, to either work or study. And two years ago, I tried to apply for a Japanese government educational scholarship but was not selected. I also explored work opportunities in Japan to no avail. Because of those rejections and failures, I feared dreaming again.

But the Lord never gave up on me and on my dreams. He used people to awaken the dream I thought I had already given up. Last year, I was introduced by one of the Para Saiyo members, Hiro-san to the MBA school he was attending, Shizenkan University. After completing the application
requirements and a series of interviews, with the encouragement and help of Hiro-san and Moririn-san, and the people who recommended me to the university, by God’s grace, I was passed and was granted a full MBA scholarship.

As I look back, I am humbled by God’s workmanship in my life. During this season, I learned to surrender my dreams unto the Lord and believe that He will grant those dreams, in His right timing. Yes, the fulfillment of our dreams may take time, but we must not lose heart or give up easily. For just like He said in Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time.”

Elaidia, 27 years old; a former CMSP child and a Shizenkan University MBA candidate

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