CMD at 60: Compassionate Commitment

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CMD at 60:
Compassionate Commitment

January 31, 2020

“How long will CMD be supporting CMSP?”

This was the question asked to one of the CMD officers, led by then President Dr. Reinhold Wagner, in a board meeting sometime in the last quarter of 1991.

“How long should a parent support his or her a child?” was the simple, yet profound rhetorical response.

While many would stutter their way through answering such questions on commitment, I remember a calm assurance felt in that exchange. I knew then that the partnership was built for a lifetime.

Four years later, I was privileged to accept the invitation to lead the institution that would touch the lives of Filipino children, knowing full well that I had a partner in German friends who shared the same passion, commitment, and love for those who need them most.

CMD has breached more than 60 years of committed service to date, about half of those years extended to Filipino children and youth, alongside those in India, Bangladesh and other parts of the globe. I have met with other leaders and have had a glimpse of the heartfelt work done across the over 50 centers supported by CMD.

All these experiences continue to inspire me and the rest of the team to create a better future for the children under our care. I must say that it has been a humbling yet fulfilling journey.

After many years of seeing children grow, lives changed, families uplifted, and yes, even hearts broken, I believe the questions are still relevant. Not so much for CMD as they have indeed proven their commitment through the years, but more for us and our own personal commitment to the children.

Perhaps we can find guidance to our answers from the Lord’s words taken from Isaiah 49:15 which reads

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!”

Dinah U. Macaranas,
CMSP Executive Director since 1995

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