The Philippine Air Force (PAF) visits CMSP Children’s Village

The Philippine Air Force (PAF) 15th Strike Wing under Wing Commander Col. Pelagio Valenzuela commemorated its 69th anniversary through its Outreach Program at the CMSP Children’s Village last June 17, 2016. The outreach program provides volunteer opportunities to about 30 officers and members.
The activity started with a “Brigada Children’s Village,” wherein PAF personnel conducted a clean up of the entire village by cleaning its surroundings, cutting grass, painting the house, gardening and sweeping the areas used by children. It was a whole day event, stopping only at lunch time. A special presentation was prepared by CMSP children to welcome the PAF soldiers.
It was then followed by a Jollibee treat that was made possible in partnership with Bridgestone Company. The PAF also donated sacks of rice, basketballs and hygiene supplies for children.
CMSP truly appreciates the assistance of the PAF personnel for their services. Thank you and God bless the Philippine Air Force!

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