CMSP Sipocot Dep Ed Permit Granted

Our much-aspired Dep Ed permit to operate Pre-Elementary school was granted last 19 March 2013 to our CMSP center in Sipocot, Camarines Sur. This is in response to the constant requests from the beneficiary-parents, members and leaders of the community.

The conversion of the existing DSWD registered and licensed Day Care operation is geared towards expanding our beneficiary reach and enhancing our programs and services along with the implementation in the Philippines of the new Republic Act 10157 or the K+12 Basic Education System. With this permit, we hope to produce more academically prepared children who, if not one among the best in the class, are better equipped for basic formal education, as we always have for the past six years.

This is my Family, This is Our Day!

For this year, the Christian Mission Service Sipocot has conducted two memorable activities for its Day Care children and their families: Family Day on September 09 and Educational Tour in November 12. These two holidays were celebrated purposely to give importance to the families of our children, spend time with their love ones outside of their home setting and help bring them closer as a family.

A day before the Family Day celebration some families have already installed tents on the playground while some brought mats and placed it under mango trees where family members can sat together. Children came in with their grand parents, sisters, brothers and helpers. Everybody brought their own food for lunch and snacks while families who are financially blessed brought extra food for others. The occasion started with praise and worship followed by several outdoor activities. These include the vocal solo rendition, children’s dance contest and fun games. The parents also showcased their singing and dancing talents through the family presentations. Winners received prizes from solicited amount from among the attendees. Children and parents were very happy participating in the whole day affair and there was really a festive atmosphere in the center. The activity ended successfully with parents and children extending thanks to the center’s staff especially to our mission friend from Germany Antje Schwesig who graced the occasion. In same manner we expressed thanks to our parents for making this activity a significant one.

Meanwhile, this year’s Annual Children’s Educational Tour had a very good attendance. We had two buses and a van full of participants compared to last year’s one van and one bus. Our children helped promoting the event by encouraging their whole family to join and parents shouldered the bus rentals as their counterpart. There was so much excitement on the part of the children as they woke up very early for the tour. This yearly activity supports the regular Day Care curriculum by making our lessons more meaningful and interesting. It was proven that learning becomes easier when students are actually taken to see places of geographic and historical importance that they only know from their text books. These short but fun-packed trips are likewise a perfect motivating scheme for our children and parents. All our day trip locations were within more or less 50-kilometer radius of Sipocot, Camarines Sur. Activities include sight seeing at Camarines Sur Water Sports Complex, trekking and climbing at Echo Village located in Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur.

As our invited Family Day speaker, village official Mr. Hernan Nieva, said it “this kind of activities is very important. The children will be able to feel they are loved and valued as they spent more time with their parents. In return, they will obey their parents more and study more. Also, regular family activities and exchange of ideas between parents and children strengthen family relationships.” Fulfilled by these memorable experiences, the Sipocot children and parents proudly say, “This is our family, this is our day!” And they return home blest and full of joy.

Center Supervisor, Sipocot