Donation in cash may be for particular child/children at a certain level.
Full support of children at/from the Children’s Village for shelter, food, medical, educational fees (from Day Care to College), transportation, clothes, uniform/school supplies and other needs. Any partial amount for specific need is also accepted.

For community-based children, opening of classes assistance (school supplies, uniform, shoes, and authorized fees).
Deposit your financial support to:

Deposit your financial support to:

Christian Mission Service Philippines Inc.

  • Metrobank
    Valle Verde Branch, Ugong, Pasig City
    Swift Code: MBTC PHMM
    Peso: 199-7-19952942-7
    US Dollar: 199-2-19900426-8
    Euro: 199-2-19960011-1
    Yen: 199-2-19930009-6
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands
    Level 2, Silver City Drive
    Corner Julia Vargas St. Pasig City
    Peso: 2671-0008-49

Donations received during the year are a big help in addressing the children’s needs. They can be personal to a child, school needs, or sports and food items that can be shared. Among them are..
• school supplies
• clothes
• foot wear
• medical supplies/food supplements
• sports/recreational/educational materials
• food/grocery items

You may deliver your donation to any of the following:

Children’s Village
San Roque, Naic, Cavite
+ 63 922 822 5161

Community Childcare Centers
Pinagbuhatan Community Childcare
Esguerra St., Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City
+ 63 09228437553

Calaca Community Childcare
Camastilisan, Calaca, Batangas
+ 63 922 822 5162

Sipocot Child and Youth Development Center
South Centro, Sipocot, Camarines Sur
+ 63 922 870 1238

Volunteer services are also most welcome!

US Peace Corps and German volunteers who came in the past remain friends to date. They unselfishly shared their time, expertise, and love to the children and they became instant Ates and Kuyas to them. In return, they have found second home and family in CMSP. Local friends also come occasionally.

Currently, we are in need of the following:
• Caregiver/Nurse
• Medical/Dental practitioner
• Tutor
• Case worker
• Counselor/Psychologist
• Technical staff
• Writer/Translator

Send your letter of intent and resume to: