CMSP Praise Team: A Free Mini-Concert

We, the CMSP children distributed free admission tickets to our classmates and friends for the Mini Concert conducted for the first time by our Praise Team last November 15, 2009. This event became a venue for us to use our God-given talents as a way to introduce the love of Jesus to others through an awesome worship experience.

We had rehearsals every night a week before the concert. We gave all our efforts to master the songs and to deliver the lines as flawlessly as possible. We felt nervous because we were doing this for the first time but our Praise Team Coordinators kept on reminding us that “we’re not here to perform but worship.” This event was also our way of thanking God for His goodness as we celebrate Stewardship and Thanksgiving month. Consequently, we were all encouraged to give our best for our Lord.

With the Pacquiao-Cotto boxing fight that same day, we were worried that our classmates and friends may not be able to come for our mini-concert. We prayed to God for guidance and for our friends and classmates to join us in the concert. Later on, when we entered the multipurpose hall, we were overjoyed to see around 70 students and 2 teachers present. Thank God! He is really worthy to be praised! During the concert, we all felt very happy to see people singing with us. Though some were hesitant in dancing, I can clearly see that they like the different genres of songs…for they were songs of praise to God. We went on unmindful of the crowd in front of us. But we didn’t perform there in the stage, we simply thought of God as we worshipped Him. We felt the presence of our Lord God as we sang praises to Him. It was truly awesome.

We believed that every soul present was touched by God. People were blessed and received the Gospel message that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of all. In our own little way, serving the Lord as a channel of His blessings has made this event a truly meaningful one for us. Oh! What a glorious day indeed! To God be all the glory!

Education Coordinator,
Young Leaders Club