German Minister Visits CMSP

link to galleryThe visit of Minister Ursula Von der Leyen was indeed an astonishing event to everyone at CMSP! It happened last March 17, 2012 from 3:30 to 7:00 pm. She came with her modest delegation to the Children’s Village in Naic, Cavite but spent special moment of interactions with the children and staff there.

The Minister is in charge of Labour and Social Affairs in Germany. She was on official visit to the Philippines for the purpose of witnessing the signing of an agreement regarding the opening of employment for Filipino nurses in Germany. She was here for only two (2) days but spared some of her precious time to personally see the Children’s Village and meet its people on top of her meetings with officials of the Philippine government. Her third child, Donata, served as a volunteer there last April to September 2012. “Ate Donata,” as she is fondly called by the children, was also later visited by her father, Heiko and sister, Sophie, during her period of stay with us.

Indeed, we praise the Lord for bringing the von der Leyens to our Children’s Village and we truly appreciate what you have been doing for CMSP. The children says “thank you very much” and “we hope to see you again!” We are one with them and we wish you all the best for God’s glory!