CMSP Child Graduates From UP!

Elaidia Baria, a CMSP child since kindergarten graduates with a degree in AgriBusiness Management from the UPLB this coming July. She was a very active kid, singing in the Children’s Choir, performed well in elementary and high school, youth leader, always available for different tasks at the Children’s Village until she went to college. Cheers to you, Elaidia, God bless your future! – DUM

“Just when I thought that I will not be able to make it, God made me finish! Thank You Lord! You really never fail to amaze me. To You be all the glory and the honor!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been a part of this special moment in my life.

To Christian Mission Service Philippines – with the leadership of Ate Dinah Udarbe Macaranas, thank you for seeing the potential in me, for believing in me and in what I can do, for not giving up on me, for supporting my studies since I was in kinder, for providing shelter, food, love and care not only for me but to all the children. I will always remember my stay at CMSP. And CMSP will always be a part of me.

To all the staff, volunteers and workers at CMSP, thank you for your big hearts and for the concern and love for the children.

To our dear Sponsors, CMD, PARASAIYO and PLUS ONE, thank you for your never-ending support to the children of CMSP. Thank you for your hard works and sacrifices to be able to give your support to us. Thank you also for the time you spend with us every year. We really enjoyed being with you. You are all an inspiration to me to do my best in academics.

To UPLB Students of Destiny, for molding me into a person I never expected myself to be. Thank you also for all the prayers, encouragements, trust and love. I love you all!

To my family, for being an inspiration and for always being there for me. Love you much!” – Elaidia

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