CMSP celebrates Plus ONE Partnership

Around 43 officers and members of Plus ONE of Japan, a group of young professionals and business leaders, arrived at the CMSP Children’s Village last September 16 to 18, 2016 for their annual visit. It marks another important milestone in CMSP’s partnership with Plus ONE of Japan. CMSP Executive Director Dinah U. Macaranas welcomed them during the meeting upon their arrival on the evening of the first day.

The children were delighted to see them once again this year. They were filled with excitement with the yearly shopping activity at the SM Mall on the second day. After the special lunch treat with a Jollibee mascot, a special program was prepared for a newly-wedded couple – Yama and Tomomi – to wish them well. After the welcome event, a meeting took place among the leaders of CMSP and Plus ONE to discuss future plans. CMSP also welcomed its Special Guests Ms. Yumiko and Mr. Hayashi of Haier Phils. In the evening, the children prepared a special presentation to showcase their God-given talents.

The following day started with a thanksgiving worship service. After lunch, the children and staff were all treated to a wonderful Japanese Summer Festival with lots of fun and games, prizes and surprises. The special Japanese dinner set up was prepared and hosted by Plus ONE members led by Mr. Bong Kubota. After dinner, it was turn of Plus ONE members to go onstage for their presentation. CMSP truly appreciates the faithful commitment and support of Plus ONE. Thank you and God bless you always!

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